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Ju-Jitsu Universal Management Program – Mongolia

JUMP Mongolia – The Jiu-Jitsu Universal Managment Program Jiu-Jitsu Mongolia has established an education program called the Jiu-Jitsu Universal Management Program (JUMP). This program is designed for professional coaches, entourage, and future athletes. It offers job opportunities and a bachelor degree in addition to competitions. JUMP also provides a way for students to manage their […]

First JJIF Workshop for Contact Ju-Jitsu

JJIF Workshop for Contact Ju-Jitsu Full Contact – but Head Impact Free The “Head Impact Free” variation of the JJIF Contact Ju-Jitsu was the focus of a recent seminar in Greece. The seminar was organized by Ioannis Dimitropoulos from Ronin Combat Ju Jitsu in Thessaloniki, and was conducted by Bertrand Amoussou and Joachim Thumfart. Over […]

National Championship Korea professional conducted

National Championship of Korea with public support The Jiu-Jitsu Association of Korea, successfully held the Korean National Championship last Saturday (March 18th) It was financed by the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, and handled by the Korea Anti-Doping Agency. A thousand participants and audiences heard congratulatory […]

Dammam Championship in Saudi Arabia!

Dammam Championship in Saudi Arabia The host of the World Combat Games is getting the team and community ready! The SJJF recently hosted the Dammam Championship on 18th March 2023 at the Green Sports Halls of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 331 athletes from 29 countries attended the event and it was officiated by referees from Brazil, […]