Jiujitsu Program for Peace

The Jiujitsu is a martial art of oriental origin, it is a recreational and sport activity recommended for the integral formation of children and adolescents, it is one of the disciplines chosen by the Peace and Sport Program for work in prevention with vulnerable populations, various social problems. Among the advantages, it fosters in men, women and children an attitude of positive, calm behavior, provoking an emotional balance and self-control; and the continuous practice generates discipline, respect, self-confidence, companionship, self-esteem and security; in addition to the coordination skills and reflexes of the individual.


To provide the teaching of jiujitsu as a pedagogical and preventive tool in social problems for children and young people in the city of Ciudad Bolívar in the first instance (2011) and as of 2014 in other locations in Bogotá D.C. and from Colombia.


·  Restitute the right to sports and recreation for children and young people who are linked to the program. ·  Motivate the population of the City of Ciudad Bolívar to initiate the practice of jiujitsu sport regularly. 

·  Generate spaces for recreation and fun for the use of free time of the practitioners. ·      Implement the learning of jiujitsu, oriented to the practice of sports – recreational physical activities that lead to motor and cognitive development. 

·  Generate improvement in their quality of life. 

Currently the Jiujitsu for Peace program has groups of children and young people in the towns of Ciudad Bolívar and Usme in Bogotá, it also has a very important group in the town of “Agua de Dios in Cundinamarca.