What you should know:

Q: What can be reported?

You may report any alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any act or omission that could undermine the fight against doping. 

Anyone can report a doping misconduct. If you have detected, identified, witnessed or know of, or have reasonable grounds for suspecting that cheating has occurred, we encourage you to let us know by opening a mailbox. 

If you have information on bribery, corruption or any other allegation that does not involve doping, please report your information through the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Q: What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is of utmost concern to WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations Team. To ensure that the information you send us is private, we suggest that you follow these guidelines:

  • Access this site directly by copying or writing the URL address https://speakup.wada-ama.org in an internet browser rather than by clicking on a link. 
  • File your report from your personal computer.
  • Do not use a PC that is connected to a network/intranet. 
  • Choose whether or not you wish to leave your personal details; if not, you should also check that your personal details do not appear in the file properties (metadata) of any files you upload.

Q: Do I have any other option to communicate with WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations team?

Yes. You can open a secure mailbox. Login regularly to your secure mailbox in order to communicate with WADA I&I.

When you send a report, you have the option to open a secure mailbox, instead of providing your contact information, so we can communicate with you in case we have follow-up questions.

Upon creating a secure mailbox, you will be given a case number, and you will choose a password.

Please remember to note your case number and password in a secure location so you can access your case when you login to your mailbox via Speak Up! 

Q: How to reach out to the Ju-Jitsu International Federation?

You may inform as well the JJIF Anti-Doping department directly under the email: [email protected]