Show System

Show Ju-Jitsu

Here you can find informatin for the Show System.


Inside JJIF a first concept for Show-Ju-Jitsu was introduced in 2014.
The year of founding the Ju-Jitsu Asian Union!

It was designed as a vehicle for DUO system as the Beach Games 2014 included Duo but that system was not known and trained in Asia at this time. To avoid a focus in mistakes athletes would have done in the strict Duo rules the very open more free but Duo orientated rules were created.
As well a balance of medal chances for Duo athletes under an economical aspect some federations choose the disciplines they participate in.

First time part of JJIF World Championship in 2015

In the following years Show developed as an independent discipline – the connection to traditional Duo was reduced
From 2020 JJIF started to NOT use the name Duo-Show any more separating the disciplines

  • Duo
  • Show

April 2023 the JJIF board decided to separate the JJIF SHOW Ju-Jitsu in the structure as well and create a complete independent discipline from Duo-System.

The mandatory Duo elements will be removed and way of judging shall be under different aspects. Show shall become and entertaining attractive competition format, promoting spectacular Martial Art presentation.