No-advance notice out-of-competition testing is one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of doping. To support this type of testing, JJIF has created a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) as part of its testing program.

The athletes in the RTP are required to provide information on their whereabouts in ADAMS.

Providing Whereabouts information gives JJIF the ability to locate you and to rely on unannounced controls to maximise the potential for doping athletes to be caught.

JJIF updates the composition of the RTP at least yearly. Athletes in the RTP are chosen on a set criteria.

Learn about Whereabouts at a glance! / La localisation des sportifs en bref!

What you should know:

Q: How do Athletes know if they must submit Whereabouts information?

Athletes will be notified if they are included in the RTP and are required to submit Whereabouts information.

Q: What Whereabouts Information do I need to submit?

Athletes in the JJIF RTP are required to provide complete and accurate whereabouts information for each day of the quarter to enable any ADO to locate them for testing, including but not limited to the 60-minute time slot period.

At a minimum, you must include the following information in your whereabouts submission:

  1. An up-to-date mailing address and email address where correspondence may be sent to you for formal purposes
  2. One daily specific 60-minute time slot between 5am and 11pm 
  3. Your overnight residential address for each day of the quarter. This is the place where you will be staying overnight (e.g. home, temporary lodging, hotel, etc.)
  4. Your training whereabouts (training venue address and training schedules)
  5. Your competition details (venue, address and schedule)
  6. Any and all regular activities that are part of your regular routine (training at the gym, regular physio sessions, school, work, etc.)
  7. Your traveling schedule
  8. Any additional information deemed necessary to enable any ADO intending to locate you for Testing

Q: When must Whereabouts information be submitted?

Athletes included in the RTP must complete their Whereabouts Filing on a quarterly basis, i.e. every three months.

Due Date

Whereabouts period

15 December

Q1: 1 January – 31 March

15 March

Q2: 1 April – 30 June

15 June

Q3: 1 July – 30 September

15 September

Q4: 1 October – 31 December

It is important to submit Whereabouts information on time.

If you are required to provide Whereabouts information and do not do so, you risk receiving a Whereabouts Failure and possibly a ban from sport.

Q: What if my plans change?

If you have already submitted your quarterly Whereabouts information and your plans change afterwards, you can log in online on the ADAMS system or via the mobile application to either update your calendar or submit a Change of Plan.

Q: Who can file my Whereabouts information?

Athletes can have their agent or another representative submit their whereabouts information if they wish to.

However, athletes are ultimately responsible for their whereabouts. As a result, they cannot avoid responsibility by blaming their representative or the team for filing inaccurate information about their whereabouts or for not updating their whereabouts if they were not at the location specified by them during the 60-minute time-slot.

Q: How to submit Whereabouts Information?

You can submit your whereabouts in ADAMS.

[below is a sticker link provided by WADA]


You can also use Athlete Central, an application developed by WADA.


There are two type of Whereabout Failures: (i) Filing Failures and (ii) Missed Tests.

What constitutes a Filing Failure?

  • Missing the deadlines for submission of Whereabouts information;
  • Failing to file complete or accurate Whereabouts information;
  • JJIF is unable to locate you for testing based on the Whereabouts information you have provided.

What is a Missed Test?

  • Not being available for testing during the 60-minute time slot indicated on the Whereabouts information

Consequences of Whereabouts Failures – What do you risk?

If you commit three Whereabouts Failures in a 12-month period, this constitute an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

Your risk the following: 

  • Ban from sports for up to two years
  • Disqualification of results
  • Financial sanctions

For more information, visit WADA’s Whereabouts section.