Safe Sport is an environment where athletes can train and compete in healthy and supportive surroundings; an environment which is respectful, equitable, and free from all forms of harassment and abuse.

Knowing your rights, treating others with respect, knowing how and where to report, and feeling supported in doing so all help to create a safe sport environment.

Safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport.

Athlete Perspective:

The impacts of harassment and abuse on athletes can be devastating. Athletes, know your rights and work with your organisation to promote Safe Sport!

Sports Organisation Perspective:

The welfare of the athletes both on and off the field of play is paramount for an international sports federation. Developing athlete safeguarding policies to this effect should be a concern at all levels of organised sport.

Coaches, Trainers and other Team Staff Perspective:

In becoming coaches we accept a duty of care to help athletes become the very best they can be. That means empowering and protecting them in every sense of the word. 

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Know your rights

Empower yourself with knowledge and awareness related to Safe Sport, including how to recognise and respond to behaviours which have no place in sport.

Treat others with respect

Be a Safe Sport role model. Learn about the role that you can play in fostering a safe sporting environment, and how your behaviour can impact others positively or negatively.

Speak up

The athletes’ voice should be heard and reflected in the initiatives designed to protect you. Find out how, as athletes, you can use your voices to work together with entourage members and sports organisations to promote a safe sporting environment in every context.


Witnessing harassment and abuse and not saying anything can give the impression that the behaviour is OK. If you’re experiencing or if you suspect someone else is suffering from harassment and abuse, report directly to your national Safe Guarding officer or the JJIF.

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According to the legal definition, competition manipulation or match-fixing is “an intentional arrangement, act or omission aimed at an improper alteration of the result or the course of a sports competition in order to remove all or part of the unpredictable nature of the sports competition with a view to obtaining an undue benefit for oneself or for others.”(Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, 2014).

Protecting clean athletes and keeping sport fair are top priorities for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). As the manipulation of sports competitions has become an area of great concern in recent years, the IOC remains committed to fighting all forms of cheating that threatens both the integrity and the essence of sport.
Let’s work together to prevent competition manipulation.