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JJIF Board statement – War in Ukraine and athletes participation

JJIF condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine as well as any form of violence by one country on another country especially with military actions. In fairness, JJIF does not want “to punish athletes [collectively] for the decisions of their government, if they are not actively participating in them.

Kick-off Duo Working Group

On the 23rd of September, the Duo Working Group had a fantastic kick-off meeting to improve the duo system. Besides pinning down the actual problems also, the first solutions were discussed. There is still a way to go, but we are looking forward to a new and improved Duo system and looking forward to the next meetings.

Kick-off meeting of the Technical Commission and Committees of Disciplines

Kick-off meeting of the Technical Commission and Committees of Disciplines On the 11th of June, the Technical commission had fantastic a kick-off meeting for their working season 2022/2023. After a general introduction, the different working groups split up in break-out rooms and discussed their topics. The discussions might result in proposals sent to the JJIF […]

The 1st (our of 3) JJAFU e-Seminar in Fighting System is history

On 22nd May 2022, Giannis Ballas (Greece), Tomasz Zakolski (Poland), and Fabio Carril (Portugal) held the first of three JJAFU e-Seminar for the Fighting System. In total, 75 participants from 6 different countries joined this seminar in English / French / Portuguese. The seminar was divided into two parts. Master Giannis took the lead and […]