Below is a listing of athletes who have received a sanction for a doping violation under the JJIF ADR, World Anti-Doping Code and other Anti-Doping Organisations’ Anti-Doping Rules.

List of persons currently serving a period of ineligibility as a result of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation
No.AthleteNationalityIn or Out-of-CompetitionAnti-Doping Rule ViolationTest DateEventResults Management AuthoritySanction PeriodSanction Starts onSanction Ends on
1Kuandyk YESSENEYEVKAZOOCArt 2.1 – Oralturynabol, methandienone, stanozolol, 17a-methyltestosterone14-Jul-18KAZ NADO4 years01-Aug-1801-Aug-22
2Mirjana MARTINOVICMNEIn CompJJIF ADR Art 2.1 & 2.2 – Furosemide, Canrenone, Ephedrine at a concentration greater than the permitted threshold01-Jun-18JJEU Championship for Seniors and MastersJJIF4 years10-Oct-1809-Oct-22
3Eros BALUYOTPHIIn CompJJIF ADR Art 2.1 & 2.2 – Dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone14-Jul-183rd JJAU Asian Championship of Ju-JitsuJJIF4  years10-Oct-1809-Oct-22
5Xiong WANGCHNIn CompDehydrochloromethyl testosterone metabolite and  Letrozole metabolite15-Oct-192019 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Selection (China)CHINADA4 years25-Nov-1924-Nov-23
6Ahmed Mansoor SHABEEBBRNIn Comp(i) Prohibited Substance: Mesterolone Metabolite. 1A-methyl-5A-androstan-3A-ol-17-0ne                           14-Sep-175th Indoor & Martial Arts Asian Games, Ashgabat 2017, TurkmenistanBNADO4 years05-Oct-1704-Oct-21
 (ii) Violation of the Prohibition of Participation during Ineligibility N/A BNADOExtension of 4 years to first sanction sanction 04-Oct-25
7Taleb Saleh Mohammad ALKARBIUAEOOC 12-Dec-18UAE NADO4 years10-Mar-1909-Mar-23
8Nursultan  ALYMKULOVKGZIn CompJJIF ADR Art 2.1 metandienone metabolite, GW1516 metabolite, Ostarine and clomifene metabolite28-Aug-1818th Jakarta & Palembang Asian Games 2018JJIF4 years17-Oct-1916-Oct-23
9Thomas William NUNESBRAIn CompJJIF ADR Art 2.1 & 2.2 – Cocaine and its metabolite benzoylecgonine11-Oct-19Ju-Jitsu Panamerican Championship 2019JJIF4 years04-Apr-20