Sustainability @ Ju-Jitsu International Federation

The Ju-Jitsu International Federation has signed the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework initiative. The implementation of sustainability programs is one of the most important measures to meet the requirements of the IOC and to contribute to a better world through sport. In this context, the JJIF established a Climate and Sustainability Section in 2020. The section has started to investigate and report on various sustainability activities within the national federations. Various activities are underway, in particular in Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malta, Mauritius, Montenegro, Niger, Portugal, Romania, SRPSKA, Tajikistan, Trinidad and Tobago and Zambia.

This year, JJIF national federations participated in various activities, most notably Earth Day Week, an annual celebration that recognizes the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. Earth Week took place April 14-22 and was marked by far-reaching efforts that paved the way for inspiration and action worldwide.

The inspiring moments and activities that came in from Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Romania and Zambia were a great tribute to JJIF for these contributions to sport for climate and sustainability.

The German Ju-Jitsu Federation has organised Earth Day, the week and beyond in which it drew attention to the growing responsibility of our sport with great ideas and remarkable projects as an opportunity to celebrate Earth Day.

It began with a campaign to celebrate World Day under the motto “Together we can make a difference” to set an example for the protection of our wonderful blue planet.  The action started by reminding us that the resources on our planet are limited and we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve them. The Federation as an umbrella association have also taken these thoughts to heart and are already implementing some measures: – Especially in the youth sector, the federation promotes the carpooling principle in order to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, it is increasingly using the railway as an environmentally friendly means of transport. The youth workbooks are printed exclusively on recycled paper (certified with the blue angel) in order to minimise paper consumption and promote the reuse of resources. – From May 2024, the federation stopped sending printed documents for license acquisition and renewal. All required documents can now be filled out and stored in our DJJV APP in a completely resource-saving manner. In order to properly celebrate this special day, the Federation has launched two special projects: – As a recognition and appreciation for the speakers of the BUSEM “Elive the diversity” the federation will donate the money for a tree planting project in Thuringia this year. In this way, the German Ju-Jitsu is not only want to make a contribution to environmental protection, but also to preserve and enjoy the beauty of our nature. – In this regards the federation requested the support of its members for the second project. It is currently examining the possibility of feeding its old banners to an upcycling process and making practical and stylish bags from them and to sell such a bag to the members. By buying the bag every individual can contribute to environmental protection and that our joint efforts will help to preserve the planet for future generations.

The Indonesia Ju-Jitsu Federation has released the video “Ju-Jitsu for Earth”, which sends an incredible message to the environmental risks of the planet protection: “Earth breathes in us” – Earth Campaign

Martina Porcile – an Italian athlete, in the Fighting system Ju Jitsu -52KG adults, bring the week by watering flowers with the symbolic and signal effect Ju-Jitsu Gi the whole week

The Italien Ju-Jitsu Club “ASD CSR JU JITSU ITALIA SEZIONE DI FERRARA” participated with some students, their parents and pets, for the Earth week, it has organized a walk along the right edge of the river PO (the longest Italian river) near Ferrara (Italy), to see the beautiful colour and biodiversity of the nature.

Romania celebrated the great day with a variety of sustainable activities as a role model. The Romanian Ju Jitsu Club, CS MARINA commemorated EARTH DAY through activities such as tree planting and forest cleaning, involving both the club’s athletes and their parents. The club frequently carries out such environmental protection initiatives. In addition to training athletes, our coaches pay special attention to their education, with environmental protection being a fundamental priority.


As a celebration of Earth week in Zambia, the Federation donated shoes, uniforms, books and food to vulnerable school children on the copperbelt province and discussed the need to protect our environment through enhanced best practices, which is an honorable action.

by  Dr. Tsegaye Degineh, JJIF Sustainability