Reality Based Self Protection

All Martial Art and Combat Sports have their origin in the desire for security and integrity.
Self Defense, Self Protection training of soldiers and law enforcement! 

Often the focus of a style changes.

Sportive Competition, Heritage and Traditional aspects, fitness and fun, ethics and spiritual aspects and often the wish of mastering techniques elegant and magnificent take influence and put the “pure” function for protection aside. 

All the mentioned aspects have their justification and are as well part of out Martial Art. But when it comes to Self Protection we must put these elements aside and focus on the only goal: “To return alive home to your beloved ones” 

To be clear and focus we separate our program for safety and protection from Sports and Martial Art. 

Analyzing the complete context of violence and adapt the program strict the target group. 

Under the leadership of Tomo Borissov, JJIF honorary Vice President, JJIF is working since years in the field of Civil and Professional Self Defense. 

We will continue to evaluate and further develop the program and methods. 

JJIF is committed to ensure the quality of content thought by the licensed instructors. 


Next step: The case study for JJIF license: "Fundamentals JJIF Reality Based Self Protection"

This year will be the 50th time the German Ju-Jutsu Federation conduct the International Federal Seminar [Bundesseminar or short BuSem]. 
Characteristic of this seminar is that all aspects of Ju-Jitsu are trained and other Martial Arts are presented as well. A great opportunity to train and learn cross over.  

During this Seminar we will complete with the participants the requirements and necessary programs for a license bearer of JJIF. 

The seminar and the International workshop for Self Protection is open for all interested participants. 

Just register with the German Ju-Jutsu Federation! [REGISTRATION]

As model seminar and case study the requirements to receive an international license will be set high. A decent background of Self Defense, Safety and Protection and the related skills is required but it is possible to apply for it.
Please contact [email protected] if you intend to do so. 

To receive and maintain the license a valid JJIF membership is needed and must be renewed yearly with payment of the annual fee. 

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