JJIF Women's Committee with new energy

The JJIF board has seen some changes and development in recent time. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos was re-elected for a 4th term as president in 2021.
Maria Charitopoulou, President of the Greek Sport-Fan Amateur Ju-Jitsu Federation, has joined the JJIF board and will lead the Women’s commission. This is an exciting development for the JJIF, as Charitopoulou brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. We are confident that she will be a great asset to our organization and help us to continue to grow and develop.

Especially for the activities of women in our sport she will lead the women’s committee in the future. 

I have been active in Ju Jitsu since 2004.

As a JJIF Board Member, I want to contribute with all my strength to the great effort that JJIF and all the people of sports have been making for years for the development of Ju Jitsu.
I also want Women’s in Ju Jitsu to gain confidence, be active, have an active presence in the sport, have the right to speak and participate in the processes that contribute to the sport.

Maria Charitopoulou

The JJIF Women's committee

The Women’s Committee of the Ju Jitsu International Federation has been appointed on November 2021.

▪️Mrs Maria Charitopoulou, President of Hellenic Ju Jitsu Federation, was appointed President of the JJIF Women’s Committee.

Members of the JJIF Women’s Committee were appointed:
▪️Natasa Prpic (Bosnia)
▪️Fathmah Shaha Hassan (Maldives)
▪️Ishtar Obaid (Iraq)

The purpose of the committee is to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, to take initiatives and to take action in order to strengthen the dynamic presence of women in the world sports family of Ju Jitsu.