On 22nd May 2022, Giannis Ballas (Greece), Tomasz Zakolski (Poland), and Fabio Carril (Portugal) held the first of three JJAFU e-Seminar for the Fighting System.

In total, 75 participants from 6 different countries joined this seminar in English / French / Portuguese.

The seminar was divided into two parts. Master Giannis took the lead and presented a structured approach to Fighting System, focusing on Part 1, body movement, timing, distance and competition scenario training, with solo, one-on-one, and one-on-two drills, mixing technical ability with fun and playful approaches.

The second part was held by his student Tassos who presented two techniques in Part 3, one for passing guard position and the second, a sweep when Tori is playing guard (from the bottom position).

There was active intervention from the coaches and the host with technical corrections and explanations.  The session was held in English with translation to French by Mrs Houda Benjelloun from Morocco and in Portuguese by Mr Fabio Carril. 

The overall feedback was encouraging and promising. The seminar was a Chance to activate Ju-Jitsu in the African countries and keep them working actively. The organiser presented 2 hours of a great, interactive, multi-countries, multilingual seminar. We are looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd round!
Interested to join? Check https://www.sportdata.org/ for the next events